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A gorgeous day up in Montreal filming random people off the street climbing the Boulderboard for the TV show  Le Banc D'Essai Du Peuple (The People's gadgets to any of us non francophones out there).

We had about a dozen different people up on the wall. I was very impressed with everyone's willingness to step out of their comfort zone and try something different. The show airs October 2nd and all of us non-French-Canadians can checkit out online here: http://www.ztele.com/emissions/le-banc-d-essai-du-peuple/emission 


Yep, you can ice climb inside now. And I don't mean dry tooling on chain links or hanging on urethane holds waiting for the plastic to crack. 

A relatively new company, Iceholdz, has been perfecting the process of usable indoor ice features for a couple years and they are really turning out a usable, and unique, product. Think of a healable cutting mat, but harder, and 3 dimensional. The maleable plastic of the icehold can be used hundreds of times before your pick won't stick anymore. Iceholdz even recycle old holds and offer you discounts on the replacements.
A lot of people ask these questions: How do they feel? or Do they even work?


I love the treadwall! What a great way to get a complete body workout all at once.


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