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A gorgeous day up in Montreal filming random people off the street climbing the Boulderboard for the TV show  Le Banc D'Essai Du Peuple (The People's gadgets to any of us non francophones out there).

We had about a dozen different people up on the wall. I was very impressed with everyone's willingness to step out of their comfort zone and try something different. The show airs October 2nd and all of us non-French-Canadians can checkit out online here: http://www.ztele.com/emissions/le-banc-d-essai-du-peuple/emission 


 That's right! We're going to be posting up our tour schedules, the latest news around the shop, some info about our friends, some awesome climbing news, and whatever else comes to our minds. 

Feel free to comment, request specific articles, and ask questions! We'd love to hear as much from you as you'll hear from us.

We're going to have a busy year with a lot of events, some new products, and more and more training information. We'll get you climbing better, stronger, and longer. Or we'll just get you in shape if climbing's not your thing.

Come on in, grab some nachos, and enjoy!


Great exercise tool and fun too.


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