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boulderboardThe Boulderboard is the first collapsible freestanding climbing wall designed for use in apartments and homes.

With the Boulderboard you don't have to do without a hangboard because you don't want to lose your security deposit.

You don't have to forgo training  because you "can't make it to the gym." 

And, if you train well, you won't break down in the middle of your climbing day.

From now on you will train like you climb and climb like you trained. 

climbing training wallThe Boulderboard has enough T-nuts to set up a system board, multiple 3-4 move boulder problems, or all of the above.  The hold placements are symmetrical allowing for complete parity during training. There is a pull-up bar for general strength training, quiet feet exercises, core exercises, and attaching additional training tools. And we made our pull-up bar extra thick so you get a little bonus finger workout thrown in for free. The completely freestanding frame can also be folded down in seconds and leaned against the wall to make room for parties and Turkish oil wrestling tournaments.
boulder board


  • Compact footprint
  • 175 Symmetrically placed t-nuts for tons of route setting fun
  • Sleek and attractive design with commercial grade silver paint
  • Collapsible frame constructed from welded steel
  • Packs down small allowing for no-hassle transport (when the rent is due)
  • 40 degree angle for all around strength, power, and endurance training

What's included

  • Boulderboard $899 - Frame and wood panels with pre-installed T-nuts

Optional Packages and Kits

  • Boulderboard Frame Kit $699 - Frame, T-nuts, Assembly instructions

  • Boulderboard Deluxe $1490 - Frame, wood panels with pre-istalled Tnuts, choice of holds, and XL crashpad

Popular Options

  • System board holds
  • Variety pack of 60 holds
  • XL Crash pad



This is the best and funnest cardiovascular workout I have done.


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