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In our twenty year history we have provided training solutions to thousands of fitness facilities, climbing gyms, and individuals. We have always strived to make our products, and advanced climbing training, available to the average climber. Here is a collection of what we think would suit you best; including our newest Treadwall model, the Kore and the brand new Boulderboard freestanding training system. Armed with the endurance and power we can help you achieve your most distant projects will be within reach. Get fit and send.
The Boulderboard is the first collapsible freestanding climbing wall designed for use in the home. No longer will you have to  content yourself with a single hangboard, no longer will you have to do without a hangboard because you don't want to lose your security deposit...
The Treadwall Kore is designed specifically for climbers.

As we become more informed as a community about efficient and measurable training we will need increasingly more advanced tools to acheive our wildest goals. This new addition to our line of Treadwalls is the absolute best way to build the endurance and power needed on the sharp end.

Good alternative to boring gym workout.


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