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Are you planning a bouldering court or island?
LedgeWall Modules are made just for this. Bouldering structures are low (up to 10 feet high) climbing walls with lots of interesting corners, overhangs and roofs. They can even include a climbing 'cave' for all-out training.

LedgeWall Modules are custom designed and built to suit your facility. They simply bolt together to create an exciting bouldering court from an under-utilized racquetball facility or a challenging freestanding bouldering island. Prefabricated modules means all the time-consuming framing and finishing is done before they arrive at your facility. A full-sized bouldering court can be assembled on site by local labor in two days.


  • Permanently texturized Panels add extra friction on difficult climbs, forever.
  • Hold placements are raised from the texture providing security to your hold positions
  • Fully customized design that uses your space to the fullest
  • Weather Resistant Construction expands the possibilities
  • Shapes and features are custom made, the possibilities are endless

What's included

  • Pre-framed modules ready to bolt together on site
  • All hardware necessary for assembly
  • 54 Preinstalled threaded inserts for mounting Holds
  • Manual
  • Installation instructions
  • Preconfigured and custom designs available

Popular Options

  • Half size 48" x 48" Modules
  • Extra Tall 48" x  120" Modules
  • Hold sets to get you started with your ledgewall
  • Panels can come from the factory either prepainted or primed and ready for your own custom design
  • Floor mats
  • Locking safety wire for securing traversing walls


Awesome workout. Really got me in shape!!!

-Sgt. Rico