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WingWall's bring the fun and challenge of scrambling horizontally over boulders to your playground. Standing at six and half feet tall and eight feet wide, the WingWall is designed for kids ages 5 to 12 with simplicity and safety in mind.

Kids climb through and around, using built-in features and movable holds. Heavy-duty hand rings allow kids to climb from one wing to the next, creating a natural maze that kids will explore for hours.
playground climbing wall


  • Mounted on a Central pole, playground operators can rearrange the wingwall in a snap
  • Kids exercise while playing gaining valuable balance and strength benefits
  • Designed to CPSC/ASTM standards
  • LedgeLoc system prevents spinning holds ensuring safety and easy maintenance
  • Multiple units can be installed to create larger and more intricate climbing mazes
  • Infinite configurations make sure that no one gets bored
  • Tamperproof construction and hardware throughout

What's included

  • 8' x 6.5' Wingwall structure
  • In-ground base structure
  • 32 holds per wing with patented LedgeLoc™ system
  • Installation Instructions - easy enough for volunteers and normal staff!
  • Owners Manual

Popular Options

  • More Wingwalls! Add as many as you can for a larger more exciting playground
  • Optional Sandstone or solid colors
  • 3 cap colors to choose from


I am legally blind and deaf this was tremendous feat